Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Real Estate Network Marketing In Nigeria - Sign up as a Real Estate Consultant this 2020

How will you like to make N100,000 - N500,000 monthly from real estate affiliate marketing in Nigeria aka network marketing? Then you are reading the right article, do carefully read to the end.

What is Real Estate Network Marketing?

First let me briefly explain what network marketing is, this is simply a marketing arrangement by which a merchant pays commission to a promoter/marketer/advertiser for leads or sales generated from their referrals.

In this case of real estate, the merchants are real estate companies and you register with them for free to become one of their real estate consultants and when you make a sale and your clients makes payment to the real estate company your commission due from the sale is immediately sent to your bank account, so no waiting till the end of week or month to get paid.

The Network marketing side of the business allows you to invite others to join the business under you and build a team of consultants that you support to know the business and become successful in it. Their success is also your success because you earn on every sales they and their members (downlines) make with an active team you can earn well even without making sales.

Nigeria Real Estate Affiliate Program - How It Works

How this program works is pretty simple and straightforward.

Step #1: Understand how affiliate marketing works

Step #2: Register as an affiliate or independent marketer with the Nigeria real estate companies

Step #3: Request to be added to the WhatsApp group of this property affiliate program to get access to program updates and to have your questions answered

Step #4: Get the list of estates where we have properties for sale via your email

Step #5: Start promoting the properties

Step #6: Introduce prospects who call you to the different estates for sale

Step #7: Close the deal and send the property application form to the company that own the property

Step #8: Get paid your commission

What is the commission like from Real Estate Affiliate Marketing?

On Direct Sale (when you make a sale)

- Direct 10-15%

On indirect Sale (when your downlines make a sale)

- 1st generation 2-5%
- 2nd generation 3%
- 3rd generation 2%

Some Real Estate companies have several promos for consultants to win free plots of land, different brands of cars, iphones, TV, AC and all-expense paid trips to countries like Dubai, South Africa, etc.

Real Estate Network Marketing Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

Below are some of the trusted real estate companies in Lagos that pay you commission when you or your downline refer a sale. Just click on each of them to complete an online registration form to become one of their consultants

(Owners of revolution plus)

(Note: the site will ask for N2k, don't pay pls... simply select bank wire as means of payment , when it takes you to the bank info just close the page. Your registration will be accepted). 

Send me a Whatsapp if you run into any problem while registering with any of the companies and also to add you to the whatsapp group to help you close deals. 08102951775

Akunafia Henry

In summary, you simply register as an independent sales consultant with the Nigeria real estate companies and start promoting the estates they have FOR SALE and you get paid your commission on every sale you make.

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