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Become a landlord in Ibeju lekki TRINITY GARDENS& PARK ESTATE with outright payment of N594k.


If you think you cannot and will not own a plot of land. Think again, because I have got something for you in TRINITY GARDENS & PARK ESTATE.

Did you know you could own a plot of land in IBEJU LEKKI, LAGOS, NIGERIA with only N55,000 download payment and spread the rest payment in 11 months?

Good day! My future Land owners,

I am Marc Austine Onwumere, and I am a business man in the real estate sector of IbejuLekki, Lagos. Nigeria. If you have been thinking of how you could become a landlord, I want to say you have met your luck as am about to tell you how to own a land (60ft by 120ft) in IbejuLekki area in Lagos State.


The existence of IbejuLekki local government could be traced back to 1990 during the local government creation exercise by then Nigeria head of state, General Ibrahim BadamosiBabangida. It was one of the four created in Lagos state and one of the two hundred and eighty nine local governments created in the country that year. It is important to state that it was at this time that nine new states were created in the country. The seat of the IbejuLekki local government was originally at Akodo before the recent Lekki local council development area was carved out, which necessitated the moving of the seat of government to the present IgandoOloja location.

The name of the local government is derived from two autonomous communities, Ibeju and Lekki. It was originally tucked within the old Epe local government. Prior to creation, IbejuLekki was treated as a backwater suburb to the Epe central and north. This veritably explains the slow pace of development in the area.
From 1990, there was an upsurge in the development rate of the area reflected in the presence of economic and infrastructure development of the area. Thus in just few years of its existence and creation, IbejuLekki local government has ably put in place facilities and infrastructures to enhance the socio-economic development activities in the area.

The local government is located along the coastal plain of Nigeria. The entire area is below sea level and only at a few places does the land rise above sea level. The soil is sandy around the coastal part, while some area on mud except in few places, the entire local government is swampy.

Geologically, recent sedimentary layer underlies the local government. The sedimentary rock of alluvial materials is sandy, muddy and unconsolidated. There are many rivers, creeks and lagoons. The rivers are mainly the distributaries of river Oshun and Ome. The lagoons have permitted the development of sand bars and lagoon islands such as Arapagi, Ita-Oko and refugee islands.

The local government is also covered with mangrove forest at the northern part. Herbs are the most common plants with generous presences of palm and coconut trees. In recent time, much of the vegetation had been cleared. Patches of vegetation especially around Awoyaya down to Ibeju could only be seen. Along the west, however, there is thin vegetation because large traits of land are rising just above the sea level.

The people are mainly Ijebu speaking who have settled in the local government in several autonomous communities. Some of the prominence communities include: Abijo, Awoyaya, Eputu, Lakowe, Bogije, Sapati, Igando-Oloja, IbejuLekki, Arapagi, oke-odoElemoro, Akodo, Magbon-Alade, Eleko, Debojo, Solu-Alade, Iwerekun, Mopo, e.t.c. In all, there are on hundred and fifty five towns and villages here. There are now many other people from different parts of the country and the world residing and developing in the local government area.

According to the 1991 census result, the population of Ibeju is estimated at approximately 24,000. However the current statistics and enumeration conducted recently in Lagos state indicated the local government population as misrepresentation but validly estimated the local government population at approximately 54,000.          
Culled from

Due to the development coming up in the area, most of which are the upcoming estates in IbejuLekki Local Government. There are over 40 estates in IbejuLekki local government right now.
IbejuLekki is said to be the fastest growing neighborhood all over the world right now because of the surge of people into the locality.
There are millions of undeveloped land in IbejuLekki which is beckoning on people to come and inhabit, factories to emerge, schools to be erected, companies to be started, hospitals to be developed vis-à-vis roads, beaches, recreational centers etc.

In Apapa, 40 years ago, a plot of land was sold for N30, 000, that was when plots of land were surplus. Families were begging for people to come and buy, government was beckoning on people to invest.
This same event is happening in IbejuLekki area at Eleranpe, IbejuLekki where TRINITY GARDENS& PARK ESTATE is coming up.

Some undisclosed families in Apapa around this era bought hundreds of acres of lands in Apapa and when development struck that area, they were the first investors met to sell their land which they bought for N1, 000 and then sold them for more than millions of naira. Can you imagine that? Buying a plot of land 40years ago which is around 1974 and selling it for N200, 000, 000 in 1994. That is what I call ‘’breaking into the band’’

Don’t be caught unawares in this opportunity that has presented itself in IbejuLekki area.    Invest Now in IbejuLekki!  Invest in TRINITY GARDENS& PARK ESTATE  

    New International Airport
    New Pan African University
    The Lekki Free Trade Zone
    The New Sea Port
    Two New Gulf Courses
    Two New Gulf Courses 


    TRINITY GARDENS& PARK ESTATE has a registered survey plan with survey plan number… and a plan number …
    It also has a gazette file number …
    It is not committed to any government project. Therefore, it is free and safe to buy. And if I were you, I will be buying up to 5plots.

    Get a free gift for each plot you are buy; includes flat screen, television, cutlery set, fridge, generator, umbrellas, T- shirts, toasters, pressing irons, blenders, a brand new car etc.

    Help us to sell 10plots to your friend and families and get a plot of land free as a registered consultant.

    Sell 15plots and win a trip to South Africa for you and your spouse. All-Expense Paid! (Terms & Conditions Apply)

    Buy five plots (60ft by 120ft) of Trinity Gardens and Park Estates and get one plot free.

    NOTE: There are only 150 plots on sale in this promo offer, sales are on first come first serve basis. Promo offer period July 11th- August 11th 2014. At the end of August 11th 2014, we close sale permanently and move into the allocation phase of this estate which will take about 4 months to complete. 

       Make a visit to our office at Sangotedo area of Lagos State
       Go for inspection with our ever ready tour guides from our office to see what you about to buy.
       Make payments of N594,000 for outright payment or N55,000 monthly (for installmental payment) into any of the following bank accounts:

NOTE: you have to pay an extra N100, 000 (one hundred thousand naira on each plots) for your Deed of Assignment and Provisional Survey Plan.


You might think all the lands in IbejuLekki are water locked. Permit me to tell you that you are wrong. The type of land in Trinity Garden & Park Estates is sandy and DRY! Because of the infrastructural rate, the appreciation is over 250% per annum.
Any Interested Body or Persons should contact 

Akunfia Henry,T
+(234)8102951775, 8174057273, 8058453134
skype: henry.akuson

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